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2006 BMW 3-Series 330i

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Last update: 26.04.2016

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Number of Cylinders:6
Body Manufacturer:Sedan
Trim:Base Sedan 4-Door
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Engine:3.0L 2996CC l6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Manufacturer:RWD
Options:Bluetooth, Steptronic Transmission Mode, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Sub Model:330i
Power Options:Heated Seats, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats, Dual-Zone Climate Control
Exterior Color:Gray
Fuel Manufacturer:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
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2006 BMW 3-Series 330i for sale
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2006 BMW 3-Series 330i for Sale
2006 BMW 3-Series 330i for Sale2006 BMW 3-Series 330i for Sale

**It's worth noting that in the pictures, you can see that the car has not been washed in two weeks. deeply apologize, but have simply been too busy the past few weeks to take it to get detailed, which normally takes about an hour and half or more out of my day. This is not normal for me! am typically very stringent with the washing and detailing regimen of my car. take very good care of it. keep my cleaning supplies with me at all times in the trunk, and will wipe it down every two or three days to keep the surface dirt and grime off of it. It is normally washed every Saturday, or every other Saturday at maximum. Some of the products use:
-Meguiars G7164 Class Shampoo Conditioner
-Meguiars Quick Detailer for in-between washes
-Mothers 10016 Reflections Car Wax and Nu-Finish Liquid Wax
-Hope's Perfect Glass for windows
-About 5-6 top quality interior cleaning products for wood, leather, and dash
-Soft fiber hand mitts for washing the exterior
-Horse hair brushes and wheel sponges for wheels
-Terry cloth rags for windows and dash
-Chamois rags for drying followed by super absorbent Chemical Guys Microfiber towels

So I'm putting up for sale my 2006 BMW 330i with Sports Package.
It is sad day for me. It's been an awesome little car over the past few years, but as life often does, it gets in the way. Thus, have to part ways with it. I'm hoping it will go to person who will love it as much as do.

If love it so much, why would sell it? First and foremost, no longer have need for it. That's for one; and for two, our family is gaining little junior member in September. Now the BMW is great fun to drive, but in my case, it's not the most practical car to have. Our family is expanding. As we are growing unit, we just purchased brand new 2016 crossover SUV. swore that would NEVER become the stereotypical soccer-dad, SUV-driving man. But, as most men know, what mama wants, mama gets. Of course, we got killer deal on it, but digress.

Secondly, also just started new job in which they give me new company vehicle. While it's NOT BMW, it is free. It makes it an easy (errr....easiER) decision to sell it, than to keep it.

So now you know the deal. Let's talk about the car. Like said, 330i with Sports Package. That means stiffer, lower sport suspension. It'll fly around corners, if you let it. There's minimal to no body roll. It features Steptronic transmission that allows you to change gears "manually," but it's not something really use. Bonus tip: Turn off the DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) mode by holding the button in for about seconds, and you gain an unhinged ability to whip the tail around, and really have some fun with it, if you choose. **Note to police -- I'm not law-breaker. It's just from what heard from some people and what read online ;)

Everything works in the car. I've never had issues with any of them. The windows are one-touch auto up/down. Every window switch works with ease. The power moonroof/sunroof works. liked to use it on warm spring days, or for about 45 minutes in the wee hours of the Texas summer mornings in July and August before it became fiery hell furnace at 8:30 AM every morning. So to combat the fire from hell, blasted the AC on 60 degrees every day. It does nice job of ensuring that in less than minutes, you'll be turning the fan speed down few notches to maintain normal body temperature. Dual zone climate control is solid. And then there are bunch of other really cool looking button on the dash that never use. Probably don't even know how. But don't really care.

The mirrors are power-folding. use them pretty much every day. The rear view mirror has compass and auto dim feature on it. It also has the programmable Homelink system for your garage door opener, house lights, whatever. Heck, over Christmas, even figured out way to link up the outdoor lights and yard ornaments. Just showing off, really. There is CD player, but that's SO 2001. mostly use the Aux. to plug in my iPhone and jam out to Spotify or Pandora.

Bluetooth works well, and connects to your phone really quickly, and you never have to re-connect it (unless you get new phone). It connects automatically when you start the car. All calls and even Siri function is routed through the car, so you don't have to fumble through trying to dial number while you drive. She's like an invisible personal assistant.

The headlights are the HID Xenon lights with cool whitish-blue tint to them. They are adaptive, so they turn in the direction of the steering wheel to better see around the corner when you're **NOT** whipping the tail around and having loads of fun with it. It's an unnecessary feature, if you ask me, but it's the German way, guess. And it's still really cool to say you have it. Fog lights work. They're bright. never use them, but they are ready to use if you want/need them.

Seats are comfy. They are fully electric, programmable, and have the memory function. Again, not something really use, but it's nice to have. Front seats are heated, have power lumbar adjustments, and the little thing near your knees that pulls out to extend the length of the chair to make it more comfortable on long drives. There is storage behind them, and there are two front seat hidden cup holders in the dash. All the cool stuff. The back seats are air conditioned, and feature two more cup holders in the arm rest. For small car, it has comfortably seated my friend who is 6'3".

The trunk is roomy, and spacious. can easily fit two large suitcases back there. But it's trunk. Every car has one. All the manuals are present. One of them is still in the plastic wrap. That's special.
One thing JUST figured out, is that in the glove box, there is mini flashlight installed. All this time, and never knew that. The interior lights were upgraded to the LED bulbs few years ago. It gives is nice subtle white hue versus the ugly bright yellow glow that hurts your eyes. The vanity mirrors also light up in LED white for those times when you can't resist gazing at your beautiful face.

Mechanically, it is strong car. The engine is clean, and free of rust. It drives well, and is smooth. It's quiet...but never really took time to just enjoy the silence due to either sports radio 1310 The Ticket on constant play (I'm P1), or music playing, or people talking, etc. The point is, you CAN enjoy the car in silence if you want. It has never run hot, never overheated, and stays smack dab in the normal temperature zone. Yes, even in the summer.

The car goes, and goes pretty quick. replaced the stock air filter with lifetime guaranteed K&N high flow filter. Maybe it makes difference, maybe it doesn't. However, you'll never have to purchase another air filter again for as long as you have the car. Other than that, it's mostly stock. It can turn on dime, and not think twice about it. That's due in part to the sport suspension.

The exterior is rust-free. Not one spot. I've never seen another BMW (or any car, for that matter) from the same year that has as little rust as this one. have added few "mods," if you really want to go that far and call them that. It's nothing major...I replaced the stock chrome grille with black one, as you can see from the pictures. The roundels are the black and silver version. still have the original blue and white ones if you choose to swap them out. also blacked out the silver window trim, and replaced the stock number badges with black ones. The windows are also tinted pretty nicely. Unfortunately, never got the opportunity to make all of the aesthetic upgrades to it that wanted.

Well those are the good things about it. But what about the bad? Since I'm not in the market of deceiving people, I'll go over every blemish, flaw, or uncharacteristic "feature" about it. After all, you have right to know what your money is buying.

As the car IS 10 years old, it shows its wear, albeit minor. For starters, it's not in "perfect" aesthetic condition. suppose that varies, though, according to your interpretation of what is considered perfect. But for being the age that it is, it has stood the test of time. Like any car of the same years, it does have few minor chips from road debris on the front. drove it to work almost every day, so it has also taken on some careless people's haphazard unawareness. In few spots on both passenger and driver's side are few scratches and dings from doors opening into them. It's not enough to be terribly noticeable until you get right up next to it. Honestly, it could probably just be touched up and quickly buffed out at dealership service department if you chose to do it. just never cared enough about it to spend money on something that would probably end up getting scratched again shortly after.

On the bottom front right panel just next to the fog light, there is scuff mark about the size of an iPhone 6+. To this day, still do not know what happened. It looks like another car rubbed up against it forcefully enough to scratch through the paint. But to be frank, the more look around, the more see other cars with the EXACT same type of blemish. Want to get it out? Go for it. More power to you. If it were me, though, probably wouldn't even bother with it. drive the car for the feel and the performance -- Not for the exterior look. The back bumper has small bit of spider-webbed paint on it. Again, don't know what happened there. just noticed it one day. Probably some careless person backed into it slowly so that it didn't dent the bumper, but pushed it in just enough to crack the paint.

Inside, the steering wheel has few areas on it where the color has chipped off, and you can see the white color underneath. For me, it was never enough for me to want to repair it, because it affects how the car drives none. But if that truly bothers you, you are certainly welcome to remedy the issue in any way you see fit. BMW does do some sort of wheel color repair thing though, where think they just spray on some more color. It's more like plastic spray that bonds to other plastic.

The driver's seat has minor wear on the edge of the leather. It's normal for that to occur. do know, however, that BMW also offers seat re-conditioning process. actually contemplated spending the cash to have that fixed up, but never got around to it. $100 or so, and they'll take care of it. Once again, though, it is not very noticeable, and certainly doesn't alter how the car handles. Like me, you might not even care to bother with it.

Apart from that, it's in pretty decent shape, especially for being the same age as my nephew. It has few minor scratches and little dings in scattered areas of the body, but really nothing more than any car of the same year. In fact, my friends have newer cars that are in much worse aesthetic condition.

The paint has held up surprisingly well. Every time take it to get detailed, still get amazed at how shiny and nice it looks. Doing detail wheel cleaning, also helps to show its sporty character. Like any BMW, it goes through oil. It is not out of the ordinary to have to top it off every 2,000 miles, or so. And the car will tell you when the level is low. If you take it to BMW, they'll do it for free right there on the spot, no questions asked. The good thing is, it takes full synthetic, so oil changes only need to happen every 15,000 20,000 miles. It gets 2/3 more oil economy than the average car. Money saving tip: Take it to specialty lube and oil shop, or an exotics mechanic who knows BMW, instead of the BMW dealership where they'll likely charge you about $120 to change the oil. take it to private shop where the fella' only charges me $30 to do it. Ask me about it if you're interested.

It is also not known for being the most fuel-friendly car ever made either. While it's not terrible, it's not superb either. And you have to put at least 90 octane fuel in it. Luckily, I've been getting nice break from exorbitant fuel prices over the last few months. But historically, I'd spend $35 or more for about 3/4 tank worth of gas. It's not horrible though. It has been kept up-to-date on maintenance. have all service records either in person, on file at my local dealership, or at my previous dealership in Seattle. As side note, did NOT drive it to Texas from Seattle. loaded it up on trailer and hauled it across the country. didn't want to put that many miles on it. Most of the miles have been from driving to my fiancee's house few times week about 30 miles away, and to work days week few miles up the road. In Seattle, drove to and from work about 16 miles round trip, or about 35 minutes south to Tacoma. So, mostly highway miles with city miles interspersed.

It's been great car to me. I'm sad have to let it go, but like all good things, this too must come to an end :-( Who knows; maybe one day in the future, I'll pass by new owner driving it and wave as she passes. What I'm getting at is that maybe our paths will cross again. sure hope so, because it's been good to me. I've had blast with it. To the new owner: Please take care of her! If you let her, she'll love you back, and give you all you can handle.

Lastly -- am flexible with arrangements to get it to you. You can either come pick it up from my location, or local spot of your choosing, or can deliver it to you within reason. Preferably, no more than 75 miles out. can also help you arrange for transport. would be willing to ship anywhere in the contiguous US if need be, but that will mostly have to be at the new owner's expense. We can talk about logistics later, if this will be an out-of-state transport.

The car comes with clean title. If you desire to have the CarFax, please let me know, and will get it to you ASAP.

My price is $9000, which is at or little under blue book. However, am flexible, and will be open to hearing all reasonable offers. All ask is that you don't undercut me, because won't rip you off. at least expect the courtesy of doing business in prudent manner. feel I've been open about the car, and will continue to be, but if you have questions about it, certainly hope you won't hesitate to ask. Best of luck! Talk to you soon!

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